Subapical Osteotomy

With the advent of various dental treatments variety of dental problems are solved easily now. Apart from the minor dental problems, there are few serious maxillary deformities, which are also treated easily with these new treatments. One of such outstanding treatments is the Subapical Osteotomy. This treatment is a modified surgical treatment, which is done to treat the maxillary protrusion. This treatment is also known as the anterior segmental osteotomy. It has become an established surgical treatment for solving the facial deformities. This mostly includes the treatment of the maxillary protrusion. This treatment is also used for treating postoperative nasal changes.

The need for the treatment

The sub apical osteotomy is done to avoid the unintended nasal changes. This treatment has been very helpful for the patients. It gives a useful result for the patients. It has been highly successful. The history of his treatment is huge. During the inception of this treatment, the doctors had to perform a huge operation with thirty-two patients. All the patients were a victim of the maxillary protrusion. The process of the treatment took a long time and hence became very tiring. However, the result was successful at the end. The treatment process was very long.

The history

The process of the treatment was conducted with a horizontal osteotomy. It was done between the apices of the anterior teeth and the pinform aperture. The approximate distance was maintained about two to three mm to the apices. This horizontal osteotomy was connected with vertical osteotomies. This was carried out along the alveolar socket of the premolar on the right can left sides. This treatment continued for six months. The patients had to go through this treatment for over six months for achieving the right result. However, this treatment had been successful at the end. No patient was left with the problem anymore. The faces got restructured with this treatment.

Curing various problems

The best part of this treatment is that it cures all the disabilities, which are related to the problem of facial deformities. The Subapical Osteotomy had been very useful from the time of its inception. It helps in curing various facial problems like:

It helps in curing protruding jaws. This problem tends to be very problematic as it makes the patients look odd as well as it hampers the biological balance. This surgery helps to put the jaw back into its original place.

It also helps in curing the sunken jaws. In this problem, the lower jaw is drawn backward. This treatment helps in bringing the jaw back to its original form.

This treatment also cures the problem of deformed chin.

This treatment also cures the problem of bite gap.

Do not delay

These are some of the common problems, which are treated with the help of Subapical Osteotomy. For years, this treatment has been helpful in curing various patients. This treatment has been giving new life to the patients. If you have such problems, then you should not delay in having this treatment. This can solve all the issues and give you a normal happy life.