My experience- I had been planning for this surgery for years

My experience – I had been planning for this surgery for years and when I turned 20 I talked to my parents and  made an appointment with my orthodontist and that was the first step. I had to wear braces for four months. So my surgery day came and I was focused.

I used to walk 1 km daily in the morning. Although embarrassing in public with my chipmunk face….. haha. During these weeks I was seeing my doctor. A couple of weeks later… Precisely one month over.. It’s time for me, back to college. Still my mouth was shut with bands YESSSS! I was a little swollen but ya know I could open my mouth. The whole journey back to college ends with little more swelling on my face. And being conscious on how you look is the big issue, yes I had that issue because I’m under the impression that how I feel is what I look, so for the first few days I hated the whole comments about my face; that I got from my staffs, friends and was literally miserable.
This time  Depression..  Frustration..   I felt taking this whole surgery was a mistake..  
I talked with my orthodontist and he said gradually I will become ok so that everyone will accept my face. So I stayed focused.. And Now two months got over.
BIGGEST THING IS YOU HAVE TO BE READY. . This is something that will take all of your being and you need to be 100% ready to consider such a surgery.
I stayed in the hospital for 2 days. The first 2 days were very much a hell. Swelling is the toughest part.. barley being able to breath is not easy.
Positive outcomes :
-life changing
-because you need braces you get a nice smile 🙂
-improved facial looks
-confidence boost
After 2 days i went home. This was such a  relief. but I was still in pain and to be honest the swelling in general was the toughest part. I just wanted to be able to breathe easier.The first  weeks were tough getting used to eat grinded food and juice. 2 weeks later I started to take normal diet (not hard foods), started to leave the house, going to shops, walking  just doing what i could to feel a little back to normal.
Consequences : 
-Process is very difficult at the beginning and takes “LOT OF EFFORT FROM OUR SIDE”
-my nose is a little different, not a huge  but I kinda liked my old nose shape more.! Ha ha
-weight lose.
Now I feel much better than before.. Everyone started to accept my new face.. Got good comments.. Swelling completely gone except little numbness of my upper lip remains still.. Now I believe doing this wasn’t a big mistake..and I’m happy that I got more positive outcome than negative. Believe me I m so happy now.