Inner Eye Corner Surgery

Inner Eye Corner Surgery is an abnormal condition in which the distance between the inner eye corners is increased than that of the normal distance. Also in hypertelorism, the distance between the pupils of the two eyes in an individual is much increased. Hypertelorism can be easily detected on general examination as the facial appearance of the patient is majorly affected. Usually this condition is confused with the condition of the telecanthus in which the outer eyes distance in an individual remains the same but the distance between the inner eyes changes and is increased to a great extent. Therefore, it is important that the doctor diagnoses the right condition without getting or causing any kind of confusion. Therefore, the physicians, dentists and surgeon should keep a special note on the activities and the visual features of the patients from the early stage itself. This ensures that the patients are monitored in the best way.

The condition of hypertelorism can be treated with the help two main procedures which includes the box osteotomy and facial bipartition. In box osteotomy, the main aim is to bring the orbit of the individuals at a normal distance from each other. In the box osteotomy, the bone between the two orbits is cut and removed so that the two orbits can be brought close to each other thus giving a normal look. Moreover, the excess amount of skin is also removed so that the two orbits can be positioned properly without creating any pressure between the two orbits. In this way, with the help of the box osteotomy the condition of hypertelorism can be treated successfully in patients. In the facial bipartition procedure, the orbits are brought close to each other in the patients when the frontal bone is reduced in the supra orbital rim area. The base of the removed structure is above the orbita and the apex of the segment lies above the central incisor teeth. Then the two halves of the mid face are rotated thus moving them towards each other and bringing the normal appearance of the eyes on the patients face. In this way, with the facial bipartition of the mid face the condition of the hypertelorism can be successfully treated by the team of experienced and skilful surgeons. After the successful completion of any of these procedures, soft tissue reconstruction in the areas around the orbit and nose is taken into consideration so that the aesthetics of the patients can be corrected in the best way when the steps are taken at the right point after the completion of the procedures. Bone and cartilage grafts as well as advancement flaps are done in order to get the desired appearance of the patients. The complication of these procedures include excessive bleeding and risk of infection is increased after the procedure is done. This can be prevented by taking timely precautions by the team of doctors and surgeons so that the patients can be managed in the best way. Thus, hypertelorism can be successfully treated with the help of these best treatments in the field of surgery.